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Policies and Procedures

  • Athletes will be required to submit a physical form signed by a doctor or nurse practitioner.

  • Athletes must be enrolled/following a accredited high school curriculum to compete in our high school varsity competitions.

  • Athletes that are college bound must follow NCAA guidelines for home school students

  • Athletes must be home schooled or follow a nontraditional program that can be reviewed by the NCAA.

  • Athletes must use positive, encouraging, Christian values when engaging in social media. 

  • Only athletes that are following a parent taught home school or a nontraditional program will be allowed to compete on our team. 

  • All college bound athletes need to read the entire NCAA tool kit. This has all requirements and examples to help your athlete excel and move on to higher education and competition opportunities.

NCAA Guidlines

  • Click Here to view the full NCAA tool kit

  • Click Here to view NCAA Core Course Requirements

  • Click Here to see more regarding NCAA Non-traditional course requirements.

  • Learning at home does not equate to being home schooled. Online school with online teachers...would not be considered parent-directed home school.

  • DEFINITION • Nontraditional courses • Courses taught online or through distance learning, independent study, individualized instruction or correspondence methods

  • • DEFINITION • Home school administrator • Parent or other individual who organized, taught and evaluated the course work.

  • Nontraditional Course Evaluation If the answers to the previous questions suggest the courses were completed through nontraditional means (such as online or virtual school), the coursework completed would be evaluated under the NCAA nontraditional course legislation. To determine if the courses taken through the nontraditional program may be used, please review the information below.

    • Nontraditional programs must be reviewed, cleared and have an approved list of core-courses for coursework to be considered.  Home school administrators may also purchase/implement nontraditional curriculum in the home school program. If a nontraditional component exists in the home school programming, the coursework may be subject to additional information for review.

    • The NCAA Eligibility Center may request the following: • The nature of assessments in the home school program (types of assessments, frequency of assessments, etc.).  • How the student’s work was graded and by whom. • If a student may be exempted from or test out of certain portions (modules, units, etc.) of a course; if yes, an explanation may be required. • If the student was required to interact with the instructor for the purposes of teaching, evaluating and providing assistance throughout the duration of the course. • If students were required to interact with instructors in real time during the course. If so, a description of the frequency and the nature of those real-time interactions may be required. • A description of the frequency and nature of the teacher initiated interaction that took place with students throughout the course.

  • ​Home School Course Evaluation The only courses that would need to be evaluated as home schooling are those in which the parent or tutor is the one is responsible for all of the following: • Planning and delivering actual instructional activities (lectures, discussions, tutorials, feedback, assistance, etc.). • Determining the student’s comprehension of the material by grading and evaluating student performance and achievement on assignments and assessments and providing appropriate re-teaching (if necessary) and feedback. • Determining the overall grade the student achieved in the course. • Either placing the grade on a transcript/grade report or reporting the grade to a transcription agency or entity.

    • No matter how many home school courses a prospective college-bound student-athlete completes, all of the following home school documentation is required: • Home school transcript. • Administrator and Accordance Statement. • Core-course worksheets

  • Traditional/Nontraditional Component Any traditional/nontraditional coursework completed in addition to the home school program would be treated no differently than it would be in any other circumstance. • The prospective college-bound student-athlete should include the program in his/her education profile. • The program will need to be “cleared,” with an approved Core-Course List for coursework, to be considered. • An official transcript or grade report will be required; grade and credit must be included.

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